Our metal panel photo prints are sure to dress up your home décor, no matter your style.

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Aluminum Photo Panels
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Unique, modern and different, print your photo to metal with MyPix2. Your photo is infused into the surface of aluminum and “Floats” on the wall with wood block mounts!

Aluminum Metal Print Highlights

  Great for Beautiful HD Photos and Signs
  Photo is waterproof, but may fade over time in direct sun light
  Finished metal has rounded corners
  Aluminum Print “Floats” with no visible frame, hangs with attached wooden blocks
  Photo is infused into the metal, Finished image will be muted and metallic looking

Print your photos on metal with MyPix2 Metal prints that float on the wall

Display Your Photos In Sleek, Modern Elegance

With its glossy, lustrous surface, our aluminum photo panels are ideal for brightening your wall decor with vivid color and personality. Available in a variety of sizes, our metal panel prints will showcase your photos in a whole new light and have no visible frame so your cherished memory appears to float on your wall for an elegance look.

Making An Aluminum Panel Photo Print Of Your Own

Maybe you have a school photo of your child or you want to showcase your favorite engagement photo to add character to your decor. Creating your own aluminum panel print with your best photos couldn’t be simpler and our user-friendly project builder makes the process fun as well.

  1. Begin by choosing your aluminum panel print size.
  2. Afterwards, select either a portrait or landscape layout to best fit your photo.
  3. Then, upload your photo to MyPix2 from your smart phone or computer to get your project started.
  4. Once your panel print layout opens in the project builder, you may drop and position your photo to showcase your photo to your liking.
  5. Once you have completed your layout, simply add it to your cart and place your order.

Each aluminum panel print is constructed with a wood hanging block so you can instantly hang it up on your wall as soon as it arrives. With its “floating” appearance, our aluminum photo prints will surely add a sleek, elegant look to your wall decor.

A Unique Way To Display Any Cherished Photo

From wedding pictures to summer vacation photos, you can easily create a metallic photo panel with any favorite photo to display with your distinctive home decor. Not only will it dress up your wall with color and character, you can relive a treasured memory each day brighten up your routine.

Perhaps you have a beloved family snapshot taken on a fun-filled day trip. Why not celebrate it and display it on your wall to add interest to your decor. Choose an aluminum print size to display your family photo and fit in with your existing wall decor. With its lustrous finish, your photo will gleam on our aluminum panel print and add a striking flair to any room in your home. Whether you have a fun picture of Mom at the beach or a photo of your puppy taken at the dog park, you can show it off to add intrigue to your home’s style.

Perfect For Any Wall Art Display

Perhaps your living room has a sleek, modern look or your dining area has a cozy, rustic decor. No matter you decorating preference, our metal print collection is perfect for dressing up your decor with your most treasured memories. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you can choose to decorate virtually any wall around the house.

Perhaps the wall above your couch is a little drab and in need of some color. Our aluminum metal print is a great option for a focal wall. Choose a favorite photo and create a metal print to hang above your couch to dress up your living room decor. Our metallic photo panels are frameless and appear to float against the wall adding a modern look to any room.

A Thoughtful Gift For Any Occasion

Whether it’s your parent’s wedding anniversary or the holiday season, our aluminum panel photo print makes a great gift for any occasion. Simply obtain your loved one’s cherished photo and create a metal print that they can display for years to come.

Maybe you’re looking for a stunning gift for Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Why not upload their favorite wedding photo to MyPix2 and create an aluminum photo print to showcase their treasured memory in a unique, new way. They’ll love adding it to their wall decor collection and reliving their special day year after year. Our aluminum photo panels make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, housewarmings, weddings and more. For a more traditional look, we also offer a variety of photo canvas prints that compliment any metal photo print perfectly!

Fully Custom Options For Any Digital Image

Our aluminum prints can be designed with a variety of sizes and displayed in both horizontal and vertical layouts perfect for any photo that you want printed. Ranging from 5×7 to 20×30, you can make a metal panel photo print that fits perfectly with any wall display and aspect ratio for minimal cropping. You can even decorate any table top or shelf with our 5×7 and 8×10 easel back aluminum prints. Photos printed on metal are a great way to brighten up any corner of your home, no matter your style. If you like the ideal of printing photos on metal, our metallic paper photo prints are another great option for showing off your pictures in a stunning iridescent glow.

Metal Photo Panels For Your Cherished Memories

Whether you have a stunning natural landscape photo or a candid snapshot of your puppy, our aluminum panel prints are easy to create and will showcase your photos in a whole new way. We offer a wide variety of sizes and each panel arrives ready to hang so you can transform any wall into a gallery of art instantly. Our metal photo prints are perfect for any sleek modern home decor with their frameless floating appearance and will bring out the color and crispness of any favorite memory from your digital image collection. Not only ideal for decorating your home with personality and color, our aluminum photos make great gifts for any occasion. Everyone loves a great photo, so why not spruce up a loved one’s home, or even your own, with a heartwarming memory that everyone is sure to enjoy. With a variety of sizes, custom options and unique flair, your photos will gleam in elegance on our metallic panel prints, no matter where you hang them in your home!

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