Use your own laminated photo placemats perfect for your dining décor.
Create a placemat with a cherished picture and brighten up your dining table with beloved memories.
Make a statement with your kitchen décor and design your own custom photo place mats.
Spruce up your pet's feeding area and design a custom photo place mat with their best picture.

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Create your Place Mat

Laminated Photo Placemats

Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen or dining room decor? Add a little color and personality to your dining table with our laminated photo place mats. Our laminated place mats can be personalized with your favorite photos, text and multiple templates with different colors and patterns to fit in with your decor.

Laminated Place Mat Highlights

  • Single and Multiple Image Designs Available
  • 11.5 x 17″ Laminated Single Sided Place mat
  • Protect your table from food and Craft time messes
  • Perfect for a pet food area mat to protect your food from sloppy eaters
  • Add recipes and create your own dinner time fun!

Making Your Own Custom Photo Placemat Is Easy

Designing custom photo gifts couldn’t be simpler with MyPix2. Collect your favorite photos and upload them to you photo folder to use on your custom photo projects. Designing your own placemats is fun and easy and only takes minutes with our convenient project editor.

  1. Choose your photo placemat template first.
  2. Then, upload the photos you wish to use on your placemat design to save them to your account.
  3. Afterwards, pick you background color or pattern and choose your photo arrangement layout.
  4. Once your template is ready, just drop your photos onto your placemat and add your own personalized text if desired.
  5. Finally, add your placemat to your cart and then place your order.

Add a little character to your dining area with our customized kitchen placemats. They’re a great way to highlight your favorite photos while keeping your dining table clean. With our custom project builder, you can easily design your own customized placemat for each member of the family with their cherished memories.

Personalized Picture Placemats To Showcase Your Fondest Memories

Perhaps you have some fun snapshots of the kids that you have saved on your phone. Why not use them to brighten up your daily routine by creating your own photo place mats. They’re ideal for showing off your favorite photos of the kids and you can easily design a unique place mat for each member of the family to give your dining area an entirely new look! Whether you have vacation photos, some old scanned photographs from years past or a series of treasured wedding pictures, you can easily display them in a unique way with a custom laminated placemat.

Customized Dinner Mats For Practicality And Decor

Not only are our laminated placemats great for add a little personality to your kitchen table or dining area, you can use them in your kids’ playroom to protect your tables or place them down at your pet’s feeding area to keep the floor or surface clean. No matter where you put your placemat, it’s sure to add interest to any corner of your home.

Maybe your kitchen table is looking a little drab and you want to spice it up to liven up your family dinner. Why not gather up your favorite family pictures to create your own photo collages displayed on your laminate place mat. Choose from a multiple background templates to accent your photos and compliment your kitchen’s decor.

Our personalized place mats are also great idea for kids. Make your own photo placemats with your kids’ favorite photos or scan their artwork to create a unique keepsake that’s perfect for every meal. Kids placemats are perfect for dinner time and a great addition to any play room. Our laminated placemats make clean-up a snap and are a great way to showcase your kids’ favorite photos, artwork and more.

Design A Thoughtful, Unique Gift

Our customized placemats are great for any gift-giving occasion and can be designed to fit your loved one’s style to a “T”. We offer multiple templates including solid colors, floral patterns, animal prints, pet-themed designs and more! Choose a background to accent your photos or display a single photo to fully customize your design. They also make a great compliment to our other kitchen gifts including our photo glass cutting board!

Create personalized laminated placemats for the entire family. No matter who you’re shopping for, you can upload your loved one’s favorite photos for an amazing gift they’ll love. Maybe Mom and Dad have an upcoming wedding anniversary. Why not scan their old wedding photos and create a set of placemats to add interest to their kitchen table. You can print a single full photo layout or create a collage of your parent’s cherished wedding memories. If your little son or daughter has an upcoming birthday, why not create a placemat that’s just for them. They’ll love eating dinner with their own personalized dining accessory and you can even add their name to their placemat to make it all the more special. Design a placemat layout with their best drawing, school art class painting or simply their favorite photo.

Laminated Photo Placemats For A Variety Of Occasions

Whether you want to create a set of placemats to brighten up dinner time or you want to create a special gift for your kids, our customized laminate placemats are easy to create using our project builder and we have dozens of options so you can create the ultimate dining accessory. Photos are a great way to add interest to your home decor and you can relive your most cherished memories while enjoying a meal with your family. In addition to creating your own photo placemats, you can design placemats for the perfect gift. Great for kids, family or friends, they can be fully personalized for any gift-giving occasion. Celebrate your photos and upload them from you phone or computer to create a unique placemat that’s perfect for anyone’s style.

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