Create a custom selfie frame for your party or event and have fun sharing photos
Create a custom selfie frame for your party or event and share on Facebook
Selfie frames can be used for any event or announcement and are great with props

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This is a text only product. Personalize by adding your own text.

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Selfie Frame 18x24" was $60.00 $24.00 ea. Get Started
Selfie Frame 24x36" was $90.00 $36.00 ea. Get Started
Selfie Frame 36x48" was $220.00 $88.00 ea. Get Started

Social Media Selfie Frame Highlights

  • Full color, Coroplast Selfie Frame Cut-outs
  • Choose your own background and design options
  • Customize your own text for any event or occasion
  • Available in 3 Sizes:
  • Selfie Frame 18 x 24″ (with 14.5 x 13″ Cut-out), Ideal for a persons head
  • Selfie Frame 24×36″ (with 19 x 19.25″ Cut-out), Ideal for a persons head & shoulders
  • Selfie Frame 36×48″ (with 29.5 x 26.25″ Cut-out), Ideal for couples, or a persons upper body

Selfie Frames To Liven Up The Party

Our custom selfie frame makes the perfect party accessory! Have yours custom printed to compliment any upcoming affair including wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations and much more. Everyone will love using it as a photo op to capture that special memory of attending your festivities. Selfie frames are a great way to keep guests entertained! No matter the occasion, MyPix2 has a wide range of personalized party decor options and accessories to make your celebration unforgettable.

Need more party decor ideas? We offer custom printed paper banners that you can design with photos, text, and our large selection of backgrounds. They’re ideal for any indoor party and can be personalized to perfectly compliment any event.

Personalized Selfie Frames For Weddings

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding? Maybe you’re thinking of activities for the reception. Our selfie photo frame will make a great addition to your wedding day. Since weddings tend to be more formal, we would recommend one of our damask backgrounds for a classic look. Then, choose a cursive font for your text and include your names and wedding date to commemorate the occasion. Social media frames are a great way to capture each of your guests as they celebrate your big day!

Selfie Cutouts For Graduation Parties

Is your high school senior graduating this year? If so, you’re probably planning on throwing a party for family and friends after the ceremony. You may be having a BBQ and thinking about graduation party decor to hang indoors and out. Have you thought of photo props to entertain your guests? Our news feed selfie frame is a great way to gather all your guests and capture everyone on your high school grad’s big day! You can find fun hats and costumes to make every picture a graduation keepsake! Speaking of keepsakes, have you thought about personalized graduation gifts? We offer graduation photo books, custom photo mugs, custom printed office accessories, and more!

Social Media Selfie Frames For Any Occasion

In addition to weddings and graduations, you can create a selfie cutout frame for any occasion throughout the year! There are so many important, life changing worth celebrating with loved ones, and you can plan your festivities with fun-filled activities that entertain your guests. You can make custom Facebook frames and Instagram selfie frames for anything ranging from bridal showers to birthday parties. If you’ve already bought decorations, you can customize your selfie cutout to compliment your party decor’s colors and overall theme. We offer a range of colors including pastels for baby showers or damask patterns for weddings. Then coordinate your text with your selected background using one of our many text fonts! With all the custom options we have available with our online gift maker, you’re sure to create a news feed selfie frame that makes a statement at your next celebration.


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